morning, noon, and night.

Just in case you wanted to read just one more “Back to School” post … 

In the morning, twice a week:

Marty has started pre-school at the same place Max just finished two years.  It feels a bit strange to be taking him in and out of this place instead of Max.  Over the summer we’ve been working on giving Marty “ownership” of it.  Every time we would drive by, we’d say “There’s Marty’s school! Not Max’s anymore!”  I think it really helped boost his courage.  These pictures were from the very first day, which was really just an orientation.  I stayed the whole time and did paperwork and chatted with the teachers while he got familiar with the toys.  They have new! noisy! shiny! moving! mighty machines!  He shared and took turns with the other kids very nicely.  (Glory, hallelujah!)  The true test of his bravery came one week later on his first full day in the classroom without me there.  Max and Jaxon came in with me to get him settled.  Although he had been saying for several days that he didn’t want me to leave, he cheerfully said goodbye to us and went on to have a great time.  We were all soooo proud when we picked him up to the report that he was not lonely for us, not one bit.  And that’s just fine with me.  I love him, I sure do.  I’m also really happy that he’s learning some independence as he grows out of the toddler years.  

marty school 1marty school 3

Left: Outside the preschool, all set to go.

Right: Back at home, so proud.  (And showing off his “big eyes”.)


Every afternoon:

My firstborn goes to Kindergarten!  There’s not much more to say than that this boy is THRILLED with the advancement of his school career.  Our disappointment of not being in the same class as any of his preschool friends (8 from there now go to this school – 7 are in the morning class, and Max is in the afternoon. gah!) diminished rapidly as we got used to the idea.  First, the morning class starts at 8:35.  Seriously?  With my baby who wakes up 2 x a night?  Every morning, by 8:35? No thanks.  Second, this gives me some special time with each of my big boys while the other is at school.  Not including the baby … the chattering of one boy is much quieter than the nattering, bickering, yelling chattering of two boys.  Running errands is much more peaceful, and as soon as we get into a good rhythm (took me several tries to spell that), our time at home will be a wee bit quieter, and a reprieve from the constant refereeing I find myself doing.  They do get along and play nicely a majority of the time, but I also think the break will be nice for all of us.  Max has already made several new friends, including a nice little girl with “yellow” hair named Rachel.  They have Hot Wheels and a cash register, inside shoes and snack time.  They also have something called learning time, but he tells me that he doesn’t remember much about that.  At the beginning of each class they greet their teacher and then sing O’ Canada.  “Only on two days” do they not go to the gym.  We see his preschool friends at pick-up time when they come to fetch their older siblings. Other friends from church greet us from across the parking lot.

This first picture is blurry, but you get the idea.  Yay for uniforms!  I wasn’t planning to buy a school sweater, but Max’s best little buddy has one and he requested it.  After seeing how stains are attracted to the white shirt – I went for it. Also bought a long sleeve navy polo with the school logo. These will save me much late night laundering! (And, no, I don’t tell him to stand as awkwardly stiff as possible for every picture.  He came up with that all on his own.)

max school 3

There are 45 steps.  My thigh muscles started to feel the effects of them after the first few days.  I’ll have to wear decent footwear and go up and down several times at once to really make something of my effort.  Funny, I don’t see any other moms running up and down the stairs as they wait for the dismissal bell.

max school 1max school 2


And then two “nights” every week until mid-November:

My dearest goes to school, too.  Along with a co-worker, he is taking an Electrical Code Course at our local university.  Although not a requirement, he’s taking this course in preparation to challenge the exam to become a ticketed journeyman electrician.  It’s a little hoop one can jump through if they have double the required work experience hours, but not all the schooling.  It’s been 11 years since he took his first semester as an apprentice, but has worked steadily and long enough to challenge the final exam.  He works for a fair and generous employer who gives him many opportunities to use his leadership and administrative abilities in several aspects of the company.  Successfully passing the challenged exam (to be written after this course is done and out of the way) will provide a boost to his career and paycheque.  We’re so thankful to have found out about this option as the waiting list for the apprenticeship program is 1 – 1.5 years long, followed by 1 – 1.5 years in school that he would not be working, requiring EI or student loans.  This option makes much more sense.

paul school 1paul school 2


You must be thinking that we’re doing lots of driving with all this education these boys are getting. Not so! All three schools, as well as Paul’s commute to work, are within a 3 minute drive.  As Marty says these days … “Yippees!”.

My apologies for the small photo size.  I’m trying to figure out the balance between the medium, actual and large sizes.


  1. Tammy Walker said

    I love this post; it is so cute. I also love that you made paul pose on the front step as well. You have a very busy life.

    The new green blog is wonderful and new. I like!


  2. Mamazee said

    Max and Marty’s pics are soooo….cute! I guess the big boy ain’t bad looking either. Now if only little Jaxon would cooperate and get those teeth through so poor mommy could get some sleep!

  3. mybloggylife said

    Flippin’ love this post. Love you and love you boys (all of ’em!). Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

  4. Amanda said

    I love this post – cracked up when I saw big-boy-Paul on the front steps just like the little guys. Hilarious. You married a good man who’s a good sport for your blogging. :-)

    • rachel joy said

      He’s the one who started my blog!

  5. Ashley said

    I laughed more than once. Great post! Love the pics of the little boys and great pic of your big boy too!

  6. Kristin said

    Thanks for the good laugh, Paul on the front steps is too funny!
    And Max’s uniform is totally cute.
    Sounds like having 3 out of your 4 men in school is working out well though.

  7. Heidi McMaster said

    I love the school stories! So nice to hear both your boys are enjoying school. Great pictures!

  8. megan said

    AHHHH….thanks for the comment Rach….it totally reminded me to update my links and bloglines for you (my BRAIN….I miss it)…so I have now had the pleasure of catching up on this new blog…LOVE IT!!! Laughed out loud at the pics of Paul AND will try your trick as I continue to wage war on the fruit flies tomorrow….Love your new location!

  9. Sherri said

    The pictures of your two little boys are, of course, absolutely adorable. But the ones I love are of your ‘bigger’ boy! LOOOOOVE those photos!! Off to school again Paul! We’re so proud of you! Lookin’ forward to anther graduation soon.

    • rachel joy said

      thanks sherri, and you should find all the archives here on my new blog. the formatting is a bit off, but it’s all here.

  10. i love that all your boys are in school. a fun time in life i’m sure.

  11. heidi said

    just a quick question re. paul’s work. is there a lot of work for electrician’s up there? i’m assuming you still live in the same town that we worked together in? my husband is an apprentice, has been for gosh…7 or 8 years now and its a dead end for recession-depressed california. we’re ready to move somewhere where the grass is a bit greener! you can FB message me if you like :) thanks!

  12. Jamie said

    Haha – the last pictures of your hubby caught me off guard and totally made me laugh. I love it. I don’t think Erik would’ve been such a good sport :)

  13. Carmen said

    cute post, Rach! sounds like it’s all working out pretty well so far. Yay!

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